WereWoof's lil Woof Den on the net


What is a WereWoof?

Well, a WereWoof is a furry, lovable creature... similar in form to what would classically be known as a "werewolf" only much cuter and more cuddly. They are also known for a more favorable disposition.. not nearly so grouchy as the more famous "werewolf". (unfortunately WereWoofs are not as much in the news and thus don't get nearly as much press as werewolves, so the predominately negative public image of the feared "werewolf" seems to be the one that sticks in the public mind)


Where are WereWoofs found?

WereWoofs are found in various places.. under rocks.. around sheep pastures... but most frequently on the IRC on the internet.


What do WereWoofs eat?

While their more notorious cousins have a deserved reputation as a "man eater", WereWoofs normally prefer more tradtional "people foods" (not to be confused with "people AS food"), opting to feed on things like "roast beast" and ramen noodles. This is not to say that WereWoofs cannot be dangerous and if sufficiently provoked, WereWoofs are perfectly capable of and willing to eat the occasional person. Normally, after doing that though, they tend to feel a bit guilty.. and can be seen to "look all around and whistle innocently" while leaving the "scene of the perpetration".


What do WereWoofs like to do?

WereWoofs are actually interested in many things... things like "savaging fair maidens" are traditional and still enjoyed from time to time, but other things are fun as well.. for instance photography *click*.. or dancing.. (WereWoofs have been seen doing the "Happy Woofie" dance in IRC from time to time.)


Do WereWoofs make any sounds?

"Howls and Growls" have been traditionally associated with WereWoofs as well as their kin, the "werewolf" but WereWoofs can talk as well. They have a decent sized vocabulary and are fluent in english. Another famous sound they tend to make during times of happiness or glee, is a very loud "WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee..................!!!" This sound distinguishes them from "werewolves" as there are no reported cases of anyone ever having heard a "werewolf" produce that sound.